Agriculture Irrigation

There are different types of agriculture irrigation depending on the application, whether for crops or residential irrigation. Drip irrigation is an example of irrigated agriculture. Agricultural irrigation Systems


Some of the benefits you can get from drip irrigation agriculture are the following.


· There is an increase in revenue due to increased drop yields.

· The quality of crops yielded also delivers higher revenue to the farmer.

· There is only sufficient water used in watering the crops and plants. Therefore, the cost of water usage is decreased.

· The cost of labor is decreased

· Because there is no need for the constant running of the drip irrigation system, the cost of energy is deceased.

· The cost of pesticide and fertilizer is also decreased as there is almost no water runoff in this type of system

· Improved environmental quality

· Plants endure lesser stress that can result from varied soil moisture.

· Because areas between plants are not supplied with water, the growth of weeds is controlled

· The slow application of water prevents building up of water thus, reducing evaporation


Setting up your Drip Irrigation System


Drip irrigation systems require the installation of fixed watering system for plants that allows the farmer or the home owner to supply the water where it is needed. The installation of the system depends on upon the size of the farm or the garden. Drip irrigation Systems


In the installation of drip irrigations, make sure that nozzles are properly placed near the roots of the plants.


You may also consider using the punctured hose for drip irrigation; however, make sure that the hose follows the right course since its major goal is to water the garden beds. When using the punctured hole, check for any leaks that might result to water wastage.


Similar types of plants should be placed in the same beds. This is because plants have various watering needs. There are plants that require more water than the other. Placing them in the same plant beds will ensure that the appropriate amount of water is delivered to the plants. Group the flowering plants, shrubs, and vegetable plants according to their kind and watering needs. Drip Irrigation System Installation


In drip irrigation system, water is delivered to the root zone drip by drip, hence the name drip irrigation. If the drip watering is managed well, it can be considered as the best and perhaps the most efficient way of irrigation aside from its being cost effective. In other places, drip irrigation is combined with another method such as using plastic sheets that will help in reducing evaporation of water which can significantly waste water. Drip Irrigation Systems Water Pumps


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